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The Field

The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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Delicious Ravioli Recipes: Unlocking the Delights of Filled Pasta

Ravioli, with its delicate pasta encasing and mouthwatering fillings, has captured the hearts and palates of pasta lovers around the world. At Atlante, we take pride in crafting exceptional filled..


Pasta is the quintessential expression of Italy’s food culture and has won the hearts of UK consumers. In 2021, the UK retail market for fresh filled pasta was worth more than £115m and grew 10.2% by..

Navigating Export Declaration UK: Commited to Seamless Trade

Exporting goods from the UK to international markets involves various legal and regulatory requirements. At Atlante, we understand the importance of adhering to these processes to ensure seamless..

UK Exports to EU Since Brexit: Commitment to Adaptation and Growth

Since the implementation of Brexit, the landscape of trade between the UK and the EU has undergone significant changes. At Atlante, we understand the importance of staying informed about these..

The Tomato Growing Season in UK: Celebrating Local Produce at Atlante

At Atlante, we take immense pride in using the freshest and most flavourful ingredients in our pasta dishes. Tomatoes, with their vibrant colours and rich taste, are an essential component of our..

Tomatoes: RIPE FRUIT harvest News

As the tomato harvest comes to a close here's a quick summary of what we have learned which helps us identify our purchasing strategies.

Real-Time Wheat Prices: Atlante's Commitment to the Quality Sourcing

At Atlante, our passion for crafting exceptional pasta goes hand in hand with our commitment to transparency and sourcing the finest ingredients. We understand the importance of staying informed..

Ahdb Grain Prices: Atlante's Dedication to Transparent Sourcing & QA

At Atlante, our passion for crafting exceptional pasta extends beyond the cooking process. We prioritise transparency and sourcing the finest ingredients to ensure that each bite of our pasta is a..

Market Intelligence: November Wheat Prices 2021

Global wheat prices have seen an 80% uplift in the period between June 2020 and November 2021. In this update Technical Analyst Steve O'Hare takes us through what's happening to wheat markets in the..