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The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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UK Grocery price inflation hits 17%

This morning Kantar reports that grocery price inflation again rose to reach 17.1% in the four weeks to 19 February 2023, the highest level ever recorded by Kantar. Overall take-home grocery sales..

Commodities Bulletin Colonial Goods - Sugar

Whilst looking at the commodities markets globally, there are higher bids for sugar leading to lower international prices:

Commodities Bulletin Colonial Goods - Cocoa

Quotes for cocoa remain high and quality is a concern, which are observations since the commodities markets have been studied.

Commodities Bulletin Colonial Goods - Coffee

When we're looking at the commodity markets globally to help with our buying strategies, we study colonial goods, specifically Certified Arabica stocks which are still high.

Commodities Bulletin Legumes CHICKPEAS

There are stable international quotes for legumes, specifically chickpeas as we look at the commodity markets.

Empty shelves in UK supermarkets due to fruit & veg shortage

Due to a wave of poor weather across Europe and Africa, supermarket shelves have been left empty due to a lack of fruit and vegetables. The shortage includes broccoli, cucumbers, cauliflowers,..

Commodities Bulletin Legumes Peas

For commodities in the EU in 2022 and 2023 the production for peas was revised downwards.

Commodities Bulletin Legumes Lentils

Looking at the commodities in 2023, lentil production in the EU revised downwards.

Commodities Bulletin Dairy Milk & Eggs Focus on Eggs

We look at the commodities markets globally to help predict buying strategies, we're putting a focus on dairy, milk and eggs. For eggs specifically, in the EU in 2022 and 2023 productionrevised..

Commodities Bulletin Dairy Milk & Eggs Focus on Milk

In the dairy, milk and eggs market, demand contraction drives the market.

Commodities Bulletin Olive Oil

In the commodities bulletin, we put a focus on vegetable fats, specifically olive oil. First effects of demand destruction in the EU.

Commodities Bulletin Palm Oil

In the commodities recap there is heavy pressure on the Malaysian stock exchange for palm oil.

Commodities Bulletin Sunflower Oil

As far as sunflowers are concerned, there is an estimated increased production in Ukraine.

Commodities Bulletin Grains Corn

The downward trend in prices continues for corn.

Commodities Bulletin GRAINS Rice

Drought in North Africa causes concern for the upcoming harvest

Commodities Bulletin GRAINS Durum WHEAT

Looking at commodity market trends, there has been drought in North Africa which is causing concern for upcoming wheat harvest.

Commodities Bulletin GRAINS COMMON WHEAT

A FOCUS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MAJOR COMMODITY MARKETS AS A TOOL TO HELP US IDENTIFY OUR BUYING STRATEGIES Wheat price drops on international markets The absence of clear threats to the Black Sea..

Commodity Prices Bulletin MACROECONOMICS

A FOCUS ON THE PERFORMANCE OF THE MAJOR COMMODITY MARKETS AS A TOOL TO HELP US IDENTIFY OUR BUYING STRATEGIES We report on steel prices, palm oil and sunflower oil as well as many other commodities...

Sainsbury's 3rd Quarter Trading Statement for 16 weeks to 7 January 23

Third Quarter Trading Statement for the 16 weeks ended 7 January 2023 Strategy delivering volume market share gains and record Christmas

Atlante presents an innovative plant-based range at Marca 2023

Plant Heroes Zero Salmon and Chic Filet, two new innovative plant-based products, have been launched by Atlante to meet consumer needs for more cost-effective, own-label, vegan food.

Households will now face £788 on their annual shopping bills.

Kantar is reporting that if consumers don't change their habits and cut costs they will face having to spend an extra £788 on their annual shopping bills.