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The Field

The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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Top Cheese Trends to Watch for in 2022

From the viral TikTok feta pasta to declaring cheese the official love language, 2021 was a big year for cheese lovers, and if you still haven't had enough – that is good news for you because 2022 is..

Inflation soars past 30% in April to decades-high record

Inflation in agriculture has soared to 30.6%, the highest level for decades, with the livestock and dairy businesses hit hardest.

Uk Export Finance: The ultimate guide to selling FMCG goods overseas

The most innovative and profitable businesses are those with an international footprint and need to consider international expansion. In 2020 we exported over 400 billion dollars worth of products,..

India announces wheat export ban, compounding global supply issues

The country had been filling supply gap in international markets left by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

UK Supermarket prices, Asda cheapest but Tesco Clubcard Prices lower

Asda provided the cheapest basket for this week’s Grocer 33 shopping list, though it will be concerned by the impact of rival Tesco’s Clubcard Prices deals.

Cost Of Living Crisis Takes Its Toll On Retail Sales

New data suggests that the rising cost of living is already impacting consumer spending, with retail sales falling last month.


Shoppers have reduced their carbon footprint by buying 40% more local products from a regional Co-operative than five years ago.

Sunflowers planted to help Ukrainian farmers

A campaign to help Ukraine’s farmers by planting sunflowers within UK spring crops has been launched by two farming companies.

Sunflower oil shortages forcing a choice between food & biodiesel

I thought I had seen most things in my 31-year career in the oils and fats world, but the last two years have been some of the most challenging. If Brexit, Covid and driver shortages were not enough,..