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The Field

The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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Kudos to Faith In Nature for hire set to shake up the board room

Does your board have a director to represent nature? Atlante partner Faith in Nature sows the seed that is set to challenge the conventional business board make-up.

Pasta and Noodles Market Size-Share

The “Pasta and Noodles Market” Report provides insightful data on business strategies, top industry trends, growth opportunities, and challenges of top key players. The Pasta and Noodles market..

Aldi maintains position as the UK’s cheapest supermarket

Discount retailer Aldi has been named the cheapest supermarket for a basket of groceries for the third month in a row. Costing £76.24 for 49 popular items such as Heinz baked beans, milk and tea..

Clean Kitchen Club raises £2m-plus for expansion and retail push

Plant-based fast food chain Clean Kitchen Club has raised more than £2m in a joint seed and crowdfunding round to expand the roll-out of its estate outside of London and push the brand into..

Energy Cost Update

Over the last year, gas #futures have gone from 27,947 euros per kWh of August 2021 to a peak at the start of last week of 339,196 euros per kWh, followed by a slump to 272,603 euros per kWh which..