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Sustainability at Atlante: Our Product, People & Planet Policies

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Since Atlante's founding in 1994, sustainability has been a core pillar of what we do.

All these years later, as the landscape of global food and agriculture evolves, so does our approach. In the interest of transparency, we invite you to learn exactly how we uphold our high standards and values in every aspect of what we do.

Day to day, sustainability at Atlante involves respect at every level. We respect the employees within our workforce, the communities we source from, and the environment from which our products are sourced. This nurtures climate-friendly production choices, enduring connections with employees, producers, and clients, plus a well-earned sense of trust in the safety, nutrition, and value of our products and commodities.

Read on for a quick backgrounder on Atlante’s environment, sustainability, and governance policies and Visit Atlante HQ's Sustainability page for a complete overview.

The SOcial Side: Respecting and Enriching Our People

Atlante’s sustainability strategy revolves around three pillars: People, Products, and Planet. We believe that sustainable business hinges on an engaged, diverse, and empowered workforce, meaning everyone’s experience matters.

Our Human Resources team sets the tone, making sure that each employee is supported to grow and thrive. Employee development journeys are made possible through training opportunities and open lines of communication. This fosters a strong sense of community and togetherness among members of our workforce, too.


We also welcome employees from a range of international backgrounds, knowing that a diversity of perspectives has the potential to broaden the company’s horizons from within. This combined with respectful relationships to our suppliers and producers makes for an excellent working environment.

Michela Forni is Atlante’s 'People Leader.' She says it best: “Our people are our strength, and I am proud that I can help support our people to grow within the organisation to ensure we truly deliver a great workplace that they are proud of and want to be part of.”

Sustainable PRODUCT Development from Atlante

It’s in our best interest to make informed, sustainable production choices at Atlante. Understanding sustainability today helps us to safeguard the future success of our products and business at large.

This means we are diligent about understanding where, how and by whom our raw materials are harvested and produced. We consider the long-term impact of each of these elements, choosing to work with truly sustainable and reliable producers. We prioritise staying well informed about each of the commodities involved in our products, making sustainable choices wherever possible.

This not only aligns with our personal ethos, but also helps our products appeal to increasingly eco-conscious consumers.

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“To be commercially competitive we must ensure sustainability is embedded in everything we do,” explains Atlante 'Product Leader' Giovanna Chiarini.

As our experts navigate the intricate landscape of ethical trading, investing in the continuous development of our producers is another key priority that keeps Atlante’s production systems sustainable.

We work hard to ensure that workers’ rights are respected at every step throughout the supply chain, with ethical practices embedded in our producers’ own ESG policies. This helps us to achieve a level of success that is mutual and interconnected.

ESG Choices that Protect Our PLANET

Atlante's Quality and R&D teams work hard to improve and uphold incredibly high standards for our suppliers, producers, and clients. They use data-driven insights to understand the impact that our products and processes have on the environment, and set science-based targets to ensure everyone is working toward eco-friendly benchmarks.

Across our business, Atlante has 4 strands of environmental accountability:

  • Carbon
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Water

We are transparent in our reporting on sustainability activities throughout the various branches of Atlante, publicly sharing targets and progress in line with Global Reporting Initiative principles. For example, developments in our plant-based product ranges are made public alongside relevant news and stats through our dedicated Plant-Based Hub. We are always proud to share our progress and contributions to the ever-changing world of ethical eating!

In the words of Atlante 'Planet Leader' Gaetano Mattiuzzo: "I’m passionate about leaving the planet a better place than when we found it, and my mission is to ensure Atlante understands our sustainable supply chains better than anyone else.”


To learn from Atlante about sustainable FMCG business opportunities, environmental accountability and much more, contact us or subscribe below.