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The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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Atlante: On Track to Achieve £350 Million Turnover by 2026

At Atlante, we are thrilled to share our ambitious journey towards achieving a remarkable turnover target of £350 million by 2026. This goal aligns with our ongoing commitment to excellence and..

Navigating UK Market Entry: The Atlante UK and Chia Smash Success Story

Are you an FMCG producer seeking to break into the competitive UK market? The journey of Chia Smash, a health-conscious fruit spread that has won over the American market, is an inspiring case study.

Atlante’s Culinary Innovation: Sainsbury's Aubergine Parmigiana Mezzelune

Atlante is thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Sainsbury's: the Aubergine Parmigiana Mezzelune, a limited edition offering in their esteemed Taste the Difference range.

New Trends in Commodity Prices: Bulletin No. 9

Atlante spotlights trends in the major commodities markets as a tool to help with FMCG buying strategies. Here are updates on commodity market trends as of October 2023.

Unique Fruit Spread is Set to Be a UK Chia Smash

US brand Chia Smash partners with Atlante to bring its delicious and nutritious superfood fruit spread to its first overseas market.

Latest Data: Grocery Inflation Eases as Shoppers Seek Value in Sunny September

The latest data reveals a significant drop in grocery price inflation for the seventh consecutive month, standing at 11% for the four weeks leading up to 1st October 2023, marking the lowest rate..

Tomato Crop Updates: September 2023

Will global tomato crops meet 2023 harvest estimates? We’re firmly in the latter half of 2023, yet tomato harvests in many countries are not nearing their yield estimates due to delays, heatwaves and..

Powerful Package, Marketing, Brand and Product Design from Atlante Media

The world of food & beverage marketing is in constant evolution. At Atlante, we know every nuance of the sector and we use this knowledge to create and design effective, creative, and integrated..


Atlante is honoured to be the exclusive distributor of Cathedral City cheddar in Italy. We are proud to work with this brand, which has been named 'the UK's No. 1 Cheddar' by Circana/Total Market..

Atlante Launches Task Force Against Food Fraud

Already trusted by major international food and beverage chains for the selection, export, import, and distribution of high quality goods and products around the world, Atlante is proud to announce a..