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The latest news & views from the Atlante UK team

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Atlante CERTIFIED IN BRC & IFS Food Quality AND Safety

Atlante is proud to have achieved the highest grade standards for two distinct food quality and safety certifications. In the words of our CEO, Natasha Linhart: “The ranking achieved in these..

Costa Coffee's Mini Panettone Takes a Twist on Tradition

Indulgence knows no boundaries when it comes to delightful treats and a sweet delicacy alongside a hot drink is also often welcome. Costa Coffee, known in the UK as the Nation's favourite coffee..

Navigating the Olive Oil Market: Key Insights for FMCG Buyers

With global commodity markets witnessing unprecedented fluctuations, it's essential for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) buyers specialising in olive oil to stay informed about the industry's latest..

Sainsbury's reports rise of 11%

Sainsbury’s has reported a rise in quarterly grocery sales of 11% as the supermarket shifts its focus to “battling inflation”.

UK Retail News - Inflation & PASTA PRICES

Sainsbury's, one of the top UK supermarkets, is dedicated to helping its customers by decreasing the prices of household staples. In a move to provide much-needed relief to consumers with inflation..

Wholesale Italian Hard Cheese Supplier - Atlante UK

Stamford Street Co. Italian Hard Cheese is a new Italian hard cheese that is new to the market across the United Kingdom. Its luscious flavour and impeccable texture are the result of an exceptional..

Atlante helps UK beauty brand ship to US

Having secured interest to sell their products in Walmart, Faith in Nature needed to contract a new logistics partner to support them with their supply chain and export needs. Faith in Nature had..

Atlante and Mutti revolutionising the plant based culinary landscape.

The Recipe for Success: Atlante and Mutti's Unbeatable Partnership

The Code of Ethics: Guiding Principles for Atlante

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, Atlante understands the importance of operating with integrity, responsibility, and a strong ethical foundation, we care significantly about people and the..

Aldi Filled Pasta: Exploring Quality and Flavour with Atlante

When it comes to convenience and flavour, Aldi has become a go-to destination for many food enthusiasts. Among their wide array of products, their filled pasta options have garnered attention for..