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Reflecting on Atlante UK's first IFE 2024

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Atlante UK exhibited at its first major trade show this month, the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) 2024, the UK's leading showcase of the finest global food and drink innovations.

Atlante, the global FMCG sourcing platform, marked the huge milestone with a visit from Atlante CEO Natasha Linhart and the launch of the company’s latest offering – Vitto, a brand by Atlante, which will introduce a range of well-known and loved, quintessentially Italian products, into the UK market, aimed initially at SME wholesalers. 

Celebrating Innovative Product Solutions

Our stand was a buzzing hub of activity, where attendees experienced first-hand the unique food and drink selections and bespoke product developments that underline our leadership in the FMCG industry. We were excited to showcase how our innovations are perfectly tailored to adapt to the evolving preferences and needs of modern UK consumers.

Expanding Networks and Fostering Collaboration

As a pivotal link between the UK and global culinary markets, IFE 2024 was an invaluable platform for Atlante UK. We engaged in meaningful discussions about our extensive import and export services and explored potential solutions to industry challenges.

Gaining and Sharing Industry Insights

Our participation at IFE 2024 reinforced our commitment to staying ahead of market trends and consumer shifts. We shared insights gleaned from our in-depth market knowledge, offering attendees strategies to keep their businesses competitive in a rapidly changing environment. Our stand served as a resource for visitors interested in understanding the currents that drive the FMCG sector and how to navigate them successfully.

Building Towards Future Success

Atlante UK’s engagement at IFE 2024 went beyond product display; it was about creating lasting partnerships and discussing strategies for mutual advancement in the UK FMCG landscape.

Looking Ahead

Inspired by the connections made and the positive feedback received, we are more motivated than ever to continue our journey towards driving innovation and growth in the FMCG sector.

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