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Atlante: Ensuring the UK's Egg Supply Even in Times of Crisis

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Eggs are a staple in British diets, a fact reflected in the rising retail demand, especially among the younger generation. At Atlante UK we have a proven record of sourcing and delivering high quality fresh eggs to the UK even during periods of crisis in the local supply chain.

Here's how we ensure that the Brits' love for eggs remains uninterrupted.

A Commitment to Animal Welfare and Food Safety

The UK market demands not just any eggs, but those produced with high food safety and animal welfare standards. Atlante UK only partners with egg producers who share this commitment. Our producer’s business integrity model and logistics expertise allow us to support UK retailers swiftly and reliably, delivering from request to shelf in just two weeks.

Sourcing with Integrity

70% of retail egg sales in the UK are free-range and we understand the market's expectations and needs.  At Atlante, we make a promise: no eggs from caged hens will ever be sold. We source our eggs from free-range hens or from hens that roam freely inside spacious barns, thereby eliminating the risk of avian flu and ensuring a continuous supply.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

During the Covid pandemic, and subsequent avian flu outbreak and shortages in the following years, Atlante UK successfully sourced millions of eggs for the UK market. Our partner egg producers sites are designed with disruption prevention in mind, featuring exceptionally high walls and an advanced protection system against avian flu, ensuring over 1.5 million laying hens are kept in conditions that exceed animal welfare and hygiene standards.

From Farm to Fork: A Journey of Freshness

The journey of every egg from our packing sites to the UK is a testament to freshness and efficiency. Packed within 24 hours of being laid, the eggs embark on a 4-5 day journey to the UK, maintaining their freshness and quality thanks to our meticulous logistics process.

Why Choose Atlante?

Atlante stands out in the market not just as a supplier but as a strategic partner, acting as a value-adding link between retailers and producers. We provide a tailor-made, timesaving, and cost-efficient package that leverages our experience with large, professional organisations.

The Journey of Our Eggs

Our step-by-step egg packing guide showcases our meticulous process, ensuring that every egg meets our stringent standards. From state-of-the-art packing sites in Italy to comprehensive quality checks and smart packaging, we guarantee that the eggs arrive intact and fresh.

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Overcoming Obstacles and Seizing Opportunities

Our understanding of the egg market's dynamics means we recognise the challenges of disruptions like avian flu and the opportunities that arise from having a robust contingency plan. Atlante UK enables retailers to swiftly refill their shelves with high-standard eggs, ensuring that consumer needs are met without interruption.